New Year's Eve in Croatia will be much more unusual than we were used to. Just like the last year, the most celebrated night will be different due to pandemics. Luckily for those who look for parties and fun, Croatia did organise events in open spaces, featuring famous singers, groups, and performers.

The pandemic is still affecting tourism and events industry
The pandemic is still affecting tourism and events industry

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  1. Will there be New Year's celebration in Croatia?
  2. New Year's Eve celebration in the main Croatian cities

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Will there be New Year's celebration in Croatia?

The answer is YES. Many of the Croatian cities are organising concerts on their main squares, just as before the pandemic. The difference this time is that the space around the square will be fenced, and only those who can show the digital COVID certificate may be able to enter the fenced area. The others may watch the events from a higher distance.

This kind of differentiation by vaccination in Croatia is not really welcoming among the people, and it's yet to see whether these events are going to be attended in large numbers.

Except on the main city squares, the parties will be held in famous hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants in almost all Croatian cities.

The celebration must finish at 2 am, as restricted by the government.

Split is a good place for celebration
Split is a good place for celebration

The capital of Croatia, Zagreb will have a party on the main Jelacic square. A Croatian rock group "Psihomodopop" is expected to introduce citizens of Zagreb in 2022.

The main party in Split will be led by the well-known rock group TBF. They will have a concert in the district called Zvončac.

The most glamuros Croatian tourist destination, Dubrovnik, will organise a concert with rock groups Vatra nad Silente.

Source: Vecernji list

Lovely Split Riva
Lovely Split Riva
Dubrovnik is the most famous tourist spot
Dubrovnik is the most famous tourist spot

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