One of the most notable attractions of Marjan Forest Park in Split is Marjan Vidilica (often called The First Viewpoint). It's an ideal place for refreshment for visitors and recreationists which features a restaurant and panoramic view of the old town.

View of Split from the First Viewpoint
View of Split from the First Viewpoint

Marjan Vidilica location

Vidilica is located inside the park, approximately halfway to the top of Marjan hill.
The easiest way to approach it is by taking the so-called Marjan Stairs from Riva, in the vicinity of the church and monastery of St. Francis. It will take 5 - 10 minutes of climbing the stairs to reach the Viewpoint.

The alternative way of arrival to Vidilica is by taking a walk along Plinarska Street in Split's district called Varoš.

Marjan stairs lead to the First Viewpoint
Marjan stairs lead to the First Viewpoint

Teraca Vidilica is considered to be one of the most famous restaurants in the city. Featuring a panoramic view of the old town and the beautiful surroundings of Marjan park, it's a favourite spot for many visitors to have dinner or lunch.
As expected, prices in Teraca Vidilica are a bit higher than average for Split due to its glamorous location.

During the winter season (November - April), Vidilica works only as a coffee bar, with no food being offered.

Vidilica restaurant has the best view in the town
Vidilica restaurant has the best view in the town

Vidilica is an ideal spot to take a break for all recreationists and cyclists who want to climb the top of Marjan hill.
It's an ideal place to take a selfie for all visitors of Split who want to have a picture with the old town and Riva in the background.

Informative panels about the history of Marjan are located on the site. Just near the viewpoint, there is an old Jewish cemetery, which is worth a short visit.
The Church of St. Nicholas is located 100 meters away from the viewpoint. It's a nice Romanesque work of art built of stone. In the vicinity of the church, there is a faucet with free cold drinking water.

Someone is always making selfies at the First Marjan Viewpoint
Someone is always making selfies at the First Marjan Viewpoint
Church of St. Nicholas is located above Vidilica
Church of St. Nicholas is located above Vidilica

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