If you look for a nice and intimate place for vacation and enjoying the sun and sea in south Croatia, Promajna may be a good spot for you.


Promajna location

Promajna is located in Makarska Riviera, between Baska Voda and Makarska. It can be easily reached by car from D8 coastal road.

If you arrive from the A1 highway, you should exit in Zagvozd, and then drive towards D8 road.

Promajna beaches
Promajna beaches

Promajna is a small coastal place ideal for those who look for an intimate vacation. There are no nightclubs or any unnecessary noise.

There are plenty of beaches, and most of them are pebble. Some of the beaches feature trees, which provide shade even during hot afternoon hours.

The place has all the necessary tourist facilities for a nice and intimate vacation: there are markets, coffee bars, restaurants, parks, and a walkway near the sea.

If you arrive in Promajna outside a high tourist season, you may enjoy biking as well, since there are only a few cars and people in the centre.

The accommodation options include apartments and hotels. The auto camp is located in a nearby place called Krvavica.

The most monumental building is the Church of all Saints, constructed in neo-Romanesque style in 1999. The church was blessed by Pope John Paul II since he was visiting Croatia at that time.

Take your favourite drink on beach bar in Promajna
Take your favourite drink on beach bar in Promajna
Promajna beach and bell tower
Promajna beach and bell tower

If you stay in Promajna for more than 5 days, it's a nice idea to make a few excursions, either organised or on your own. The first destination to visit is Makarska, a famous Croatian tourist spot known for its old town and nightlife options.
The other place to visit is Split, a top Croatian destination featuring UNESCO heritage site called Diocletian's Palace.

Those who want to experience some adrenaline fun should visit Omis, a small coastal town featuring zipline, kayaking and rafting on the Cetina river.

The most glamourous attraction to visit in 2023 is Biokovo Skywalk, a small bridge built entirely of glass.

Biokovo mountain above Promajna
Biokovo mountain above Promajna

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