Grohote is a small village located two kilometres away from Rogac, the main ferry port on Solta island.
Although Grohote is not as popular as Necujam, which is considered to be the top tourist spot on the island, some travellers like its intimacy and authenticity which can hardly be felt in more glamorous destinations.
Additionally, Grohote may be a good place for a day visit for visitors who stay in the other places on the island.

Grohote beautiful stone architecture
Grohote beautiful stone architecture

How to get to Grohote

The first step of arrival to Grohote is the ferry line from Split to Rogac. The line departs from Split ferry port.
When you come to the island you need to walk or drive approximately two kilometres in the west direction. You can take a local bus line from the ferry port as well.
The buses operated by Promet Split wait for the passengers who arrive by ferry and take them to various destinations on the island.

Rogac ferry port
Rogac ferry port
Bikers will love Solta for its trails
Bikers will love Solta for its trails

Although Grohote is a small village located in the continental part of Solta island, it has many things to offer to its visitors. Moreover, villages located on the continental part of an island are becoming more and more popular these days, since they preserved the originality of Mediterranean culture.
You will feel the authentic vibe of Grohote by talking to the people and observing their lifestyle and the architecture of the buildings and houses.

Grohote is a traditional Dalmatian village
Grohote is a traditional Dalmatian village

Slavic Tower is probably the most interesting attraction in the place.
There are no written records about its construction, but we know that the tower was under the ownership of a noble family from Split in the 19th century.
The tower was probably built for the purpose of defence against the Ottoman Empire in the late Medieval period.

Slavic tower
Slavic tower

The Fraternity House is a place where Members of the Fraternity of St. Stephen the First Martyr used to meet.
Fraternities have been religious associations typical for the Adriatic coast since the beginning of the 12th century.

The old fraternity house in Grohote
The old fraternity house in Grohote

Church of St. Stephen the First Martyr is located in the vicinity of the Slavic tower. It was built in the 20th century in a neo-Reinnesance style. Today it is a parish church where you can attend Sunday mass.

The parish church of St. Stephen the First Martyr in Grohote
The parish church of St. Stephen the First Martyr in Grohote

The famous Croatian 20th-century poet Vesna Parun comes from Šolta. You will have the opportunity to read some of her poems on the educational boards located in the centre of the village. The poems are written both in Croatian and English language.

The great advantage of Grohote over other small villages on the island is the availability of grocery shops. If you decide to stay in a village for a multi-day vacation, you will not need to visit other places to do shopping.
Large supermarket Studentac is located in the centre of the village, and it contains all the necessary groceries that visitors may need for a vacation.
Butcher shop Pivac offers fresh meat.
There are multiple ATMs and tobacco shops located across the village.

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