As of February 8 2021, Croatia is still in a partial lockdown, meaning coffee bars, and restaurants are completely closed, while shops, museums, national parks, churches and shopping centres are fully operational. Public gatherings are limited.
Masks are obligatory in all indoor places and those who do not wear them risk being fined.
All the measures are valid until March 1, when they are going to be revised and potentially alleviated. There is a great chance of re-opening bars on that date since the number of infected has been decreasing over the last few weeks.

Regarding the border regime, all the passengers who are coming from a "green" areas of EU, are allowed to enter Croatia just as before pandemic, without any restrictions. Other EU citizens are required to show a negative PCR test upon arrival. You can check the updated info on government's website

Croatia is hoping for a good tourist season
Croatia is hoping for a good tourist season

Zvonimr Peran     2021-02-14

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