Many of the European countries are lifting restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic, which is a piece of great news for those who plan to travel these days.
Although life in Croatia is mostly back to normal, the country is still suffering devastating effects caused by the fifth wave of the pandemic. That's why most of the remaining restrictions are probably going to be lifted in March rather than this month.

February is a great month for sightseeing
February is a great month for sightseeing

Table of Contents

  1. Croatian tourism in February 2022
  2. Nightlife in Croatia in February 2022
  3. Epidemiological restrictions in February 2022 in Croatia

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Croatian tourism in February 2022

February is known as a month of low tourist activity in Croatia. The coronavirus pandemic made it even worse.
Nevertheless, this time is perfect for individuals and couples who enjoy a more intimate travel experience rather than being part of the crowds, which are common during the summer season in almost all popular destinations in Croatia.

Places like Split and Dubrovnik are perfect for individual sightseeing these days. You can't have this comfort later in May or June, because there will be hundreds of thousands of visitors in both of the towns. Additionally, you will feel more of a local atmosphere while walking around the busy places like Riva in Split or Peristyle square.

Riva in Split is more intimate these days
Riva in Split is more intimate these days
Lovely Peristyle square
Lovely Peristyle square

Since the start of the pandemic, nightlife has been one of the most affected aspects of life in almost all countries. The same case applies to Croatia as well. Nightclubs working time is still limited to midnight, which is a piece of bad news for all those who enjoy partying till early morning hours. Many clubs like famous Vanilla in Split closed their door until the restriction is lifted. The other ones work only as coffee bars, with the dancing floor being taken by tables and chairs.

Nightclubs are still waiting for better times in Croatia
Nightclubs are still waiting for better times in Croatia

Public gatherings can be attended by a limited number of people. Some of the events can be attended only by those who possess a valid digital COVID EU certificate.

The border regime in Croatia is the same as in the other EU countries. One needs to possess the EU COVID certificate to pass the border. The second option is to show a negative PCR test. If none of those is present, the person must self-isolate until she gets the negative PCR test result.

Masks are still obligatory in all indoor places like shopping centres, museums, libraries, etc.

The complete and updated list of restrictions can be found on the government's website related to the pandemic

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