If you are looking for a nice tourist place in Croatia, where you can have a good vacation time after a long time of restrictions, masks, and quarantine, then choose Brela. You even don't need to read further this post, you can just trust my words: Brela is the top place to relax in Croatia in 2021.

Beaches and promenade in Brela are amazing
Beaches and promenade in Brela are amazing

How does Brela look like in June 2021?

I took a walk around the place on June 14, 2021. The first visitors have already arrived, and they are enjoying the quiet atmosphere of this tourist pearl of south Croatia.

I guess the number of tourists is currently less than 50% compared to the same period in 2019, which is no wonder: some countries still require quarantine for their citizens who come to Croatia. But considering the positive epidemiological situation in Croatia, I guess most of them, if not all, will allow travel to Croatia without restrictions.

While walking around the place, I could notice that Brela is more beautiful than ever. Although the apartment renters are not happy with the current situation and lack of visitors, the place features more soothes than in normal times.

All the coffee shops and restaurants in Brela have opened its door for visitors, meaning you can have your favorite meal or drink while enjoying the sound of the sea and waves.

Brela beach experience in June 2021
Brela beach experience in June 2021

Just like in other places in Croatia, It's necessary to wear masks in indoor places like museums and churches.
Masks are not obligatory in outdoor places.
Public gatherings are still limited, and they are mostly held in cooperation with the Croatian National Health institute.

Everyone has a great time on beach in Brela
Everyone has a great time on beach in Brela
You can spend the whole day on beach under these trees in Brela
You can spend the whole day on beach under these trees in Brela

Definitely yes. Having the perfect beaches, nice bars and restaurants, and a promenade near the sea, Brela will give necessary relaxation to your body and soul.
I would recommend going there as soon as possible, since later in July and August it may get crowded again, as more and more people are interested to visit Croatia this year.

Brela's stone is interesting attraction
Brela's stone is interesting attraction

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