Coronavirus has limited and changed our lives in many ways. While most of those limitations will be gone in a few weeks (hopefully), some trends will affect our habits for the whole year and longer.
Here is the list of 5 new trends I expect the pandemic will bring to Croatian tourism in 2021.

Hvar town 2020
Hvar town 2020

Table of Contents

  1. No Asian visitors
  2. Decreased number of young visitors from Western countries
  3. More solo travelling
  4. Affordable prices of accommodation
  5. More local experience of travel

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No Asian visitors

Asian visitors have been an important part of Croatian tourism over the last 5 years. Many Korean, Chinese, and Japanese tourists enjoyed their visits to natural attractions of Croatia, like Plitvice Lakes, or cultural attractions, like Diocletian's Palace and the old town of Dubrovnik. They usually visited in groups.

Unfortunately, due to pandemic and complex political relations with Asian countries, we do not expect tourists from that part of the world in 2021.

Asian visitors love European cultural attractions
Asian visitors love European cultural attractions

Towns like Split, Hvar and Dubrovnik were real magnets for young visitors from Western European countries like Great Britain, France, and the Netherlands.

Featuring a wide range of nightlife options, various festivals like Ultra Europe, glamours filming locations (Game of Thrones), those towns were European tourist centres for young people. But in 2021, things are different.

It's not only that epidemiological situation will demotivate those people to visit; it's about the fact that the total stoppage of music and film production is affecting young people's mood to travel.

For example, even if the organisers decide to hold the Ultra Europe Festival in Split this year, they will have no other option but to play the same music that was played in 2019. Nothing new was produced till that time, and it will probably stay that way until 2022.

There will be less visitors on Split Riva in 2021
There will be less visitors on Split Riva in 2021

The lack of crowds in famous tourist destinations will benefit those who like solo travelling and intimate tourist experience. Towns like Split and Dubrovnik, which used to be crowded during summer months, will be available for more comfortable individual expeditions.

Dubrovnik in spring 2020
Dubrovnik in spring 2020

The simple law of supply and demand will force apartment renters to lower down the accommodation prices once again this year. In 2020 even destinations like Dubrovnik were in the reach of budget travellers; the same trend should follow this year as well.

As I already mentioned, global music and film production are significantly affected by the pandemic. The direct consequence of that trend is the strengthening of local culture. I expect more concerts and performances to be held by domestic artists in 2021.

Split Peristyle November 2020
Split Peristyle November 2020

Zvonimr Peran     2021-02-05

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