As of November 12, 2020, Croatia did not impose any type of a lockdown, even though the coronavirus pandemic is reaching its peak.

The movement between all regions is completely restrictions free, and foreigners from the EU are allowed to enter the country just as before the pandemic.

The Croatian prime minister and minister of health are assured Croatia can handle pandemic without imposing harsh restrictions like lockdown. They want to keep the economy moving on as much as possible in these new circumstances, basically following the "Swedish model" of fighting the pandemic.

Although people are free to move as they wish, the obligation of wearing a mask in all indoor public spaces will remain in force for quite a long time, alongside with obligation of social distancing.
Public gatherings are prohibited, while weddings and similar ceremonies are allowed in accordance with recommendations of the Croatian Health Organization.

If you want to visit Croatia in 2020 still, you are free to do so. All the bars, restaurants, national parks, and other activities are functional, as long as they do not include the gathering of many people. Nightclubs can work up to midnight.
Many visitors say they enjoyed an intimate experience of Croatian tourist destinations in 2020, without the mass tourism which was common in the previous years.

Biokovo Skywalk is the top attraction of 2020
Biokovo Skywalk is the top attraction of 2020

Zvonimr Peran     2020-12-04

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