The island of Hvar is widely known for its small beautiful places, one of which is Jelsa. Being attractive tourist destination, Jelsa attracts many visitors every year.
As you will see later, the main advantage of Jelsa is that it has retained the beauty and intimacy of a small coastal town, while at the same time it provides all the facilities expected from the modern tourist spot.

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How to get to Jelsa

There are two ways of arriving to Jelsa. The most common way is to take a ferry ride from Split to Stari Grad, and then take a bus to Jelsa (or go there with your own car, if you have transported to the island).
The other way is to take a ferry from Drvenik, a small place located at the south of Makarska Riviera, to Sucuraj, a small eastern place on the island, and then by your own car take a ride to Jelsa. This mode of transport is usable if you are coming from the direction of Dubrovnik in your own car.

Jelsa features beautiful promenade along the sea, with coffee bars and restaurants. The big advantage of Jelsa over more popular Hvar town is its intimacy; you are not loaded by travel agencies and open terraces all around. Instead, you can enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere.

The most monumental building is Church - fort of St. Mary's Assumption. At first, it was built as a Reinessance church. However, due to the constant Turkish danger, the people of Jelsa had to build a fortress. They did this by partially turning the church into a fortress, which is a rare and unique architectural case.

The people of Jelsa have historically turned to fishing and seafaring. It is known that their ships took part in the battles against the Ottoman Empire. This is one of the reasons why Jelsa today, along with the town of Hvar and Stari Grad, is the richest place on the island.

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