As of June 2021, there are still some restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic in Croatia. Although the numbers have been decreasing over the last two months, it's still necessary to stay responsible and adhere to restrictions proposed by the Croatian National Health institute.

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  1. What are the restrictions in Croatia in 2021
  2. What does it practically mean for visitors?

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What are the restrictions in Croatia in 2021

Here is a brief summary of restrictions that are currently applied in Croatia. Please do not refer to this list as a definite guide, this is just a quick overview. For full list please follow the official government's website related to coronavirus pandemic.

  • EU citizens from "green" areas can enter Croatia just as before the pandemic. Other EU citizens need to show either proof they had the virus, proof they have been vaccinated, or a negative PCR test.
    Non-EU citizens additionally must show a hotel reservation or some other reason for entry to Croatia.
  • Public gatherings should not have more than 100 people. Wedding ceremonies can be held only in cooperation with the health institute.
  • Selling of alcoholic drinks is forbidden in period 11pm - 6 am.
  • Masks are obligatory in all indoor public places, and on some occasions in outdoor places.
All these restrictions are valid up to June 15, when they are going to be revised and possibly eased down.

Those who enjoy the intimate atmosphere of the travel, who like staying on the beach, or sightseeing cultural attractions, and who enjoy staying in a restaurant will not be affected at all. Even more, the experience of vacation could be even better for them, since there are no crowds around.
On the other hand, those who are more party animals, or who are looking for some bigger events should wait for a month or so, until the circumstances are back to normal again.

There is a good tourist season in front of us
There is a good tourist season in front of us

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