Considering the positive epidemiological situation and wish for having a good tourist season, the Croatian government is lifting many of the previously imposed restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The biggest change is allowing outdoor nightclubs to work unlimited hours: all those who have digital COVID-19 confirmation will be able to enjoy nightlife the same as before the pandemic. (In a nutshell, Covid passports are available for those who either had coronavirus or took the vaccine).

We will see in the near future how is this going to look like, and if the inspectors will ask the people in the clubs to show the confirmations. But anyway, this is a huge step for all those who are looking to have good nighttime in some of the famous destinations in Croatia, for example Split.

Other events and manifestations that are attended by more than 30 people will have similar restrictions applied: the attendants may be required to show their COVID-19 confirmation.

We are happy to see what is life after the coronavirus pandemic going to look like now when the restrictions are lifted for the first time after almost a year and a half.

Nightlife in Split is starting
Nightlife in Split is starting

Zvonimr Peran     2021-06-30

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