As of November 20, Croatia is imposing a new set of restrictions which are supposed to suppress the coronavirus pandemic, which doesn't seem to be ceasing in Croatia.

The Croatian government is not considering a second national lockdown. According to their view, the lockdown is not fully effective against the pandemic. Furthermore, it can cause major damage to the economy.

The new restrictions set mostly adheres to bars and nightclubs. Here is a brief list of the new measures:

  • All the bars will have to be closed at 10 pm instead of midnight.
  • The maximum allowed number of people at gatherings is 25.
  • Selling of alcoholic drinks is forbidden in period 10pm - 6am.
  • All the shops and restaurants must indicate the maximum allowed number of people who can be at the spot at the same time
  • Cinemas and theatres must provide at least 4 square meters for each person at the locality.

The good news is that the government does not have a plan to introduce any kind of movement restrictions, meaning everyone can move between the regions as before the pandemic. There will be no restrictions for EU visitors who want to enter Croatia as well. Visitors from third countries need to show proof of accommodation in Croatia, and negative PCR test no older than 48 hours.

It is yet to see how will the pandemic reflect the upcoming Chrismas market, which has been highly popular in Croatian cities, especially in Zagreb. What can be heard these days is that advent will be held, but with reduced offer and adherence to the epidemiological measures.

Many people will enjoy Croatian tourist attractions after the pandemic
Many people will enjoy Croatian tourist attractions after the pandemic

Zvonimr Peran     2020-11-20

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